Traditional customer care through phone support meets 21st century technology, multiple touchpoints, and proactive techniques in order to maximize customer loyalty, retention and return on investment.  Please see our list of services and solutions to the left to see what we can do for you and your campaign.

Direct Response Services

Direct Response Services



Argo’s agents are true experts in generating both sales and happy customers. When handling an inbound call generated from a Direct Response ad, they’ll drive additional revenue to your bottom line through new customer acquisitions. Our dedicated sales team provides you with unparalleled performance and results.

With over ten years experience driving and managing inbound sales calls from a variety of mediums, we know what it takes to have a successful and profitable DR driven campaign. You can count on us to answer your customers’ phone calls 24/7 with a quick average speed of answer. We provide you with customized daily and weekly summaries of all key performance metrics, comprehensive agent proficiency scoring, and call recordings upon request. We strive to exceed expectations in every facet of our business.


Argo implements cost-effective, profit-driven recovery programs that utilize the appropriate mix of outbound telemarketing, email and direct mail to your non-buyers and inactive customer database. We make custom offers specific to your campaign in order to recover lost up front revenue and build a database of customers that can be marketed to again and again. This builds a solid revenue stream that will later pay huge dividends.

We’ve also pioneered the art of integrating outbound sales agents and CRM/shopping cart technology with real-time web partial data that’s called within 15 minutes of generation. Our dedicated sales agents combine near real-time contact rates with superior sales skills and innovative offers to maximize your profit.

At Argo, we understand that every call and website hit is valuable and deserves undivided attention. Because of this, our outbound customer recovery team is committed to monetizing these lost opportunities.

Client Services

Data, Knowledge, Wisdom - This is what we do.  And this is what you need to run a successful Marketing Campaign.  We offer proactive management to ensure that you have industry best metrics established, and maintained.  Whether it is through the phone with your dedicated client service team, via online reporting, regular deep analysis reports, quality calibration calls, or through our proactive actions you will have the wisdom you need to streamline and improve your campaign processes and analytics.


Putting the right team together is critical. We integrate this team, which forms a cohesive unit with identical goals. Once your team is set up, maintaining a common thread and open lines of communications between all vendors helps ensure that efficiencies are maintained and steady march towards success is achieved. Argo is this valuable string that ties everything together. We work with and will introduce you to (if needed) the best in class vendors in the following fields:Fulfillment, Media, Creative Production, Call Centers, Web services, IVR, call management and merchant processing. Remember this: Argo Marketing is not a broker; we do not collect referral commissions from any vendor or group. We work solely for the Marketer, and our loyalties lie with them.


Collaboratively develop agent scripting to increase sales conversions, enhance average order value and meet applicable laws and regulations while exceeding customer expectations.


Media and fulfillment exports, report design for key metrics, training guidelines, and standard operating procedures for existing campaigns, products, services and future tests.


At Argo we believe that your data is the lifeblood of your campaign; that is why special attention is given to delivering detailed call reports, revenue reports, call reviews, and projections to you in a timely manner. Not only will we provide this data, but we will also help you understand it, and make actionable decisions based upon it.

Customer Service


Customer Service



Customer Service - Argo Marketing provides world-class concierge-level customer service. We do this by hiring customer care agents of the highest caliber and integrating an extensive training and quality program that upholds our extraordinarily high commitment to quality. We provide multilingual services to domestic and international customers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Today’s consumers expect to reach companies immediately across multiple platforms of communication- from phone to Twitter support. We promise to meet these demands with 100% customer satisfaction rates. No exceptions.

Language Capabilities

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German

Sales - Our dedicated sales team provides you with unparalleled performance and results. When handling inbound calls generated from a Direct Response ad, they’ll drive additional revenue to your bottom line using new customer acquisitions. We also implement cost-effective, profit-driven recovery programs that utilize the appropriate mix of outbound telemarketing, email, and direct mail to your non-buyers and inactive customer database to substantially increase sales. Our customer service operations generate additional revenue wherever possible through customer retention, saving the sale, upselling, cross selling, and acquiring brand new orders. We ensure that our clients receive the greatest ROI possible, whether through inbound sales, outbound sales, or customer service.

IVR - An IVR cannot replace the quality customer care from real people that most customers require, but it can augment it. Argo’s custom IVR system, ICE, was designed from scratch with the consumer’s experience in mind. Watch our introduction to ICE video below or read more to learn about its state-of-the-art features.

In addition to generating revenue, exceptional service through all of our phone support operations reduces chargebacks and cultivates brand loyalty.


In today’s fast-paced world, many consumers prefer to engage with brands off the phone. Consumers turn to rapid response e-mail, live chat, text messaging and social media to get a brand’s attention. Our commitment to customer engagement means that every platform is maintained with the same level of care and attention as a traditional customer service phone call. By communicating with your customers in their preferred method of communication, you’re better able to ensure and increase customer satisfaction rates.


Argo will provide exceptional 24/7 customer care through social media, ensuring that all customer inquiries are heard and responded to immediately through a broad range of social media platforms. Read more about our social media management services here.

Social Media & Brand Management


Social Media


Are you social? We mean online, of course. Your customers definitely are, and connecting with them through social media is the key to unlocking a whole new target market, building brand equity, and staying ahead of your industry’s curve. Did you know that 71% of consumers who experience a positive brand response on social media will most likely recommend that brand to a friend, and spend 20-40% more on that brand themselves?

So how can you stimulate the kind of customer conversations that get everyone talking? Call Argo. We’re the expert internet extroverts who live and breathe all things social. Our Marketing and Communications team continually researches and reviews the latest social platforms and hottest industry trends to keep your company on the cutting edge of customer engagement.

We also make sure your brand is also primed for protection. We monitor blogs, message boards, consumer reviews, and other websites 24/7 to ensure that any negative content posted online about your company is managed, and often, removed altogether.

Ready to get social? Contact us for a free audit and consultation.

Chargeback Management


Chargeback Management


Prevent, reduce, and reverse! Our dedicated Chargeback Management team employs an overarching strategy aimed to prevent and dramatically reduce the amount of chargebacks filed. While not all chargebacks can be prevented, they can be managed successfully and reversed at an extremely high rate. Our most effective and valuable chargeback assets are the live online dashboard for campaign visibility, resolution trackers, and emergency notifications, as well as the collaborative relationships we’ve built with processors over the past 10 years.

Want to learn more? We collected common questions about Chargeback Management and provided expert answers to those questions in our blog entry here.

Pharmaceutical & Patient Advocacy

Pharmaceutical & Patient Advocacy

In today’s busy world, pharmacy, doctor, and patient interactions are cut much shorter than they should be. There’s a lot at stake when these three sectors don’t communicate directly, including patient noncompliance and the possibility of dangerous recalled medication delivered to the patient. Argo knows that pharmacists, doctors, and patients share a common goal - to deliver (and receive) the best treatment possible. That requires direct communication, and that’s where we can help. Argo Marketing Group is an award winning multi-functioning contact center that provides seamless communication between pharmacists, physicians, and patients. We’re available 24/7 through phone support, IVR, or e-communications (email, chat, or Skype) to each of these parties.


It may seem obvious that pharmacies need to be directly connected with doctors and patients in order to consistently provide patients with medication, but there is often a communication breakdown. Argo can help pharmacies instantly connect with doctors and patients to educate them about prescriptions, easily search information regarding medication options, and access facts about supply recall or ingredients.


There are thousands of drugs on the market to treat every malady imaginable. As a physician, your time is precious. You need to be able to quickly provide your patient with the best treatment plan possible, educate them about why you chose this route of care, and then encourage them to follow your direction. Argo helps you access information about medication options quickly and efficiently and relays important news and updates. Have in-depth questions about a certain medicine or looking for a consult? Connect with us!


When was the last time you came away from a doctor’s office with more questions than you had going in? Many times, patients don’t receive the adequate time they need with doctors to understand their medication. Or perhaps more questions pop up when you get home regarding dosage, side effects, or even where to get your prescription filled. Give Argo a call. We’re here 24/7 to direct your questions to the appropriate doctor or pharmaceutical company so you can follow the best treatment plan possible. Isn’t it time you got the care you deserve?

Government Solutions & Political Advocacy


Government & Political


Argo Government Solutions provides innovative inbound and outbound services that connect government divisions with citizens. As a veteran-owned business, our Government Solutions department reaffirms our commitment to the local, state, and national governments we serve and the communities to which we belong. Our tenured customer care specialists are trained to execute a broad range of inbound and outbound campaigns with a commitment to achieve set goals. With a rapidly increasing number of ways to connect online and offline, government programs require new solutions in order to satisfy the dynamic needs of today’s citizens.

Argo’s Political Advocacy division manages all of our politically-affiliated accounts. We have the ability to reach targeted voters through customized calls with specific messages. We can target voters based on geographic location, demographics, and party enrollment. Identifying voter trends and sentiments is key. Through our political calls, we can accurately measure public opinion regarding upcoming elections. Argo has the ability to collect and deliver detailed reporting at set intervals showing real-time data and results. Campaign fundraising, endorsement calls, get-out-the-vote messaging, and opinion polling are just some of the services our Political Advocacy division manages.