Argo’s key strength lies within its people. Whether it’s our management team, or our skilled customer care agents who communicate directly with your customers, everyone at Argo is willing and able to handle any task regardless of how complex it may be.

In 2003, Jason Levesque founded Argo Marketing on his living room couch.  Using an old personal laptop from his early days as a drill sergeant in the U.S. Army, Jason keyed away with a vision:  to provide experience, telemarketing management, training, and logistical expertise to third party contracted call centers on behalf of direct response marketers worldwide.  Jason recognized a growing need for such a service, and the dial-up internet in his then-apartment wasn’t about to slow him down.

Slow him down it did not.  In 5 short years, Jason grew Argo to a nationally recognized marketing consulting firm with 15 employees managing all facets of call center operations.  From inbound customer acquisition to customer service retention operations, Argo became the go-to company for nationally recognized brands such as Irwin Naturals, Rug Doctor, Aloe Cure, and many others.

Jason and his team kept going.

In 2008, Argo Marketing started to pioneer the “right shoring” contact center trend that is now growing at a rapid rate.  Due to advances in web-based CRM technology and the increase in the amount of domestic call centers, Argo made the decision to open its own facility in Lewiston, Maine, as a test facility starting with 20 employees.

Those 20 employees quickly turned into many more.

With its initial test facility largely successful, Argo soon after opened an additional location in Pittsfield, Maine in 2011, followed by another facility in Portland Maine in early 2013.  These two additional locations, once former call centers that were victims of the recession, helped catapult Argo Marketing Group into one of the fastest growing companies in the Country according to Inc. Magazines annual rankings.

Argo’s passion for its community didn’t end in 2013, though:  Argo is once again grateful for the opportunity to show its commitment to Maine and community redevelopment by renovating a 25,000 sq ft iconic building in the heart of downtown Lewiston, Maine.  Argo will move into its new flagship Customer Engagement Center in December 2013, and will have a combined 350 call center seats and 500 employees.

All the while, Argo continues to believe deeply in the importance of connecting its business and employees to the community to help others help themselves.  Supporting many community organizations and programs, including Lewiston Public Theater, Sand Castle preschool, and Maine’s National Guard and Reserve Family Readiness Program, Argo Marketing gives back.

Throughout this exciting history, Argo never lost sight of its deep-seated commitment to quality and its hunger to provide that absolute highest standard of service possible for its clients.  Its dedicated workforce, cutting-edge technology, training and quality assurance divisions, and talented management team ensures that its clients receive a valuable ROI and their customers are extraordinarily well taken care of.

With Argo's roots firmly planted, its concept of ‘Your Success is Our Greatest Accomplishment’, its focus on the future, and its ability to embrace cutting-edge technology and pioneer new best practices, the future growth potential for Argo and its clients and partners is truly unlimited.